How to Market Your Home for Sale with Print Media

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How to market your home for sale with print media

Cost of Using Print Media to Advertise Your Home For Sale 

Option 1: DIY
How to market your home using print mediaNewspaper ad:
$18 - $1000
$100 for 250 on Officeworks (you can also use other online print companies like Vista Print)

Option 2: Pay a professional
$350 - $800 for flyers to be designed, printed and delivered

Option 3: Use a Real Estate Agent
Why does print media cost what it does, and what will you get?
Newspaper advertising:
The cost of newspaper advertising depends on:
  • The size of the ad
  • Number of colours in the ad (for classifieds)
  • The number of pages the ad will run on
  • The number of editions the ad will run for
For example, a column ad in the Gold Coast bulletin classifieds will cost $18 - $130 for up to 8 column centimetres.
For a quarter page or larger, you’re looking at $150 - $1000. A quarter page ad in the Gold Coast Sun on one page for one edition currently costs $165.
Newspapers usually provide someone to help you with your ad design, plus the cost of delivering the newspaper is included in the price so you don’t need to worry about handing them out yourself!
I’m sure you have received multiple real estate flyers in your mail box throughout your lifetime. Real estate companies still use this marketing method on a regular basis. So if you want to let your neighbours (or entire suburb) know that your home is for sale, flyers are a good (if not overused) way of doing it.
Whether you are designing your flyer yourself or using a design company, you will need to give thought to what you want to include (and what will fit based on what size flyer you are getting). You will probably want:
  • at least one photo
  • 50-100 words describing the property
  • a list of a few standout features or inclusions (eg. Solar panels, pool, SMEG appliances, renovated bathroom, ocean-view)
  • date and times of any open home you are holding
  • asking price or auction date
  • your contact details
After you have sorted out the design of the flyer, you’ll need to get them printed. You can do this yourself on your home printer if you want, or you can use a company like Officeworks or Vista Print to get them professionally printed. The price you will pay to get your flyers printed is based on:
  • If the flyers are one or two sided
  • The size of the flyer
  • The number of colours (full colour or black and white)
  • The type of paper
  • The number of flyers you want
If you don’t want to deliver the flyers yourself, there are flyer delivery companies all over the Gold Coast that charge around $50 - $60 per 1,000 flyers you want delivered.
Do you need print media to sell your home?
There was a time when the real estate industry solely relied on newspaper ads (along with window displays) to sell their listings. Eventually, agencies also decided to start sending out individual flyers every time a property came to the market, or was sold. We are all familiar with these marketing strategies, and before, Youtube and Facebook came along, print media was the only way to effectively sell property.
The upside of print marketing:
  • It can be ‘cheaper’ than advertising on an online portal like (while they do literally cost less, you also get less exposure than an online portal)
  • For flyers, you can get these delivered to all of your neighbours to get the word out (except the ones who have a ‘no spam’ sticker on their letter boxes, which you are legally not allowed to deliver unsolicited mail to)
  • For newspaper, anyone who receives or buys the newspaper may see your ad
The downside of print marketing:
  • You get much less exposure then if you posted an online advertisement
  • You will never know if anyone looked at your flyer or newspaper ad unless they call you and say “Hey, I just saw your flyer!”, whereas most online advertising options like will tell you exactly how many people looked at your ad, saved your ad or made an enquiry (read more about advertising here)
  • Print marketing is expensive if you want broad exposure, so unless you have a big budget you will likely miss out on advertising to interstate and international buyers
As I’ve said in previous articles, if you are restrained by your budget but still have $700 or more to spend, I would spend it on a good ad on or rather than a newspaper ad. However, if you want some local exposure and don’t want to spend a lot of money, a few flyers or a newspaper ad could be the way to go for you.

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How to Market Your Home for Sale with Print Media
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