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We have 3 prominent offices located at Palm Beach, The Pines and Burleigh. The 3 offices promote our available rental properties and provide great exposure for our Property Management Team which is based at Palm Beach. We have been in business under the same ownership since 1986.

The culture we have developed puts high emphasis on continuous training, adhering to systems and ensuring consistent high quality work ethics resulting in positive outcomes.

In these days of continual change one area we are most proud of is the fact that most of our team have been a part of our business for many years.

If you are thinking about a change your property need not be vacant before changing manager. We can show you how to do this with no disruption to your current tenant.



Clear Lines of Responsibility 
We do NOT use task management. Each owner’s property is placed in a portfolio with a Senior Property Manager and a Property Manager. This means you always know who you are dealing with and don’t have to speak with 3 or 4 different people in relation to different aspects on the management of your property.

We encourage you to call your property manager at any time. Our office policy is to maintain open communication with our landlords at all times. Each staff member has their own direct telephone number so that they can be easily reached.

We offer our Landlords a written guarantee. Should our staff not perform within the guidelines of our Guarantee we will refund the last three (3) months of the management and collection fees from the time that the Principal is notified.

Responsive To Our Clients
We have been using an external Survey company, RealSatisfied, to regularly ask our Clients how we are performing. From the reporting, we are able to identify quickly and easily any improvements we need to make in our service delivery to landlords, tenants, vendors or purchasers.Palm Beach Property Management Review

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Setting The Rent
Every time we put the property on the rental market or renew a lease we will provide you with a fresh Comparative Market Analysis to make sure that the asking rent is set to maximise your return.

Finding You A Tenant
Our vacancy rate consistently outperforms industry standards. We have developed and nurtured a tenant database that holds more than 6,000 southern Gold Coast renters all of whom receive our weekly vacancy list list. We are also able to target particular groups of subscribers for matching properties as they become vacant.

We actively take our rental properties to the tenants. Our weekly “On the Move” vacancy list plus our New Listing and Rent Change Alerts produce results not seen by our competitors.

Our online 24/7 inspection booking and follow up system is proved to reduce vacancy periods.

We do not need to accept the first tenant. We accept the best tenant, on average we accept one out of every four applications.

  • We will notify you each and every time a prospective tenant requests an inspection of your property.

  • We will send you weekly reports of activity from the time your property goes on the vacancy list until it is rented.

  • We will notify you each and every time we receive an application for your property.

  • Before we let the property you will have the final decision regarding which tenant you accept.

  • If your current tenant intends to vacate, we will notify you as soon as we become aware. We actively try to find out the tenants intentions well before the end of each lease.



Arrears Management
Under the Residential Tenancies Act a tenant is not in arrears until the rent is unpaid for eight days and which time it is possible to issue a Notice to Remedy Breach. Most agents will not address arrears until they have the legal obligation to do so on the eighth day.

We operate more proactively, rental payments are entered into the system daily, once they are in the system we start looking at people who are two days or more behind. We begin an escalating series of daily contacts reminding them that they haven’t paid the rent.

We advise our landlords every month in our KPI report how much of the rent roll is two days in arrears and how much is 8 days in arrears.

Our results are industry best practice and they have proven to be sustainable over time.


The system and procedures we used to manage maintenance is a full online risk mitigation and maintenance module. It tracks all actions and events for your property and ensures that you are updated after each action.

You are made aware as soon as the tenant has reported that maintenance is required. You are then able to instruct us what action you would like us to take.

You are updated when the work order is lodged, accepted by the tradesmen and completed. You are also at that point advised the invoice amount that will be paid.

Here's How It Works:

Accounting To You:

  • We will pay you twice a month into your bank account, including split payments if required

  • We will provide you with e-mail copies of all statements, invoices and other documentation that affects your property every month.

  • We will give you access to our online agent facility so you can monitor our activity and management of your property.

  • We will prepare and lodge on your behalf any insurance claims required in connection with the property

  • We will pay any accounts you require on your behalf.

  • We will provide you with a detailed annual report of income and our expenditures on your behalf for the property.

We will complete a detailed entry condition report for the property with between 80 and 100 photographs to provide you with a record of the condition of the property on acceptance.
We will conduct periodic inspections of your property at between 12 & 16 week intervals

Best Practice Real Estate
Palm Beach, Burleigh & The Pines First National are among a growing number of offices that have achieved and maintain First National Best Practice Quality Assurance Standard which is ISO 9001 International Standard compliant.

24 Hour Service

  1. Get Information on your Rental Property 24 Hours a Day.
  2. Palm Beach First National has an online agency service for our owners.

It is a self service web portal that allows us to communicate with our property owners via the internet. Fast and efficient, it gives our customers access to a secure website where they can download statements and view payment history, lease information, current arrears amounts and other relevant information regarding their properties. The website is uploaded over a secure connection with information directly from our property management database.

The online agency and Online Inspection bookings are your property manager working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Download our PM Choices eBook

Download our PM Choices eBook