Renting With First National

Renting From First National Real Estate Palm Beach

When you make a Rental Application for a rental property through our Property Management Team we will expect each applicant to complete a detailed application including providing 100 points of identification.

It is a strict office policy that access to the property will not be given until all parties have signed the Tenancy Agreement and all monies have been paid in cleared funds.

We will not approve a Tenancy Application until there has been a physical inspection of the property and each applicant has attended our office for a face to face confirmation of Proof of Identity.

As members of TICA (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia) and NTD (National Tenancy Database), we will carry out searches of your prior renting history as part of our processing procedure. These procedures ensure that we place quality tenants and build lasting relationships. Our relationship with our tenants is very important to us.

We value repeat business highly.

Maintenance and Repairs - Our experienced Property Managers ensure that our properties are maintained in good condition. This includes prompt attention to urgent repairs and regular maintenance. All maintenance requests are required to be submitted in writing either through our online maintenance request form or by completing one of the forms provided at the start of your tenancy.

Urgent repairs - These can pose a serious risk for both the tenant and the property. Your RTA booklet and Tenancy Agreement highlight what constitutes an urgent repair. Your Tenancy Agreement provides contact details for emergency repairers.

Insurance It is the tenant’s responsibility to insure their possessions. It is important to note that a landlord’s insurance does NOT cover your personal belongings. We strongly recommend that you obtain contents insurance and accidental damage including glass breakage (i.e. windows)

Changes in Tenancy Arrangements - It is the tenant’s responsibility to advise the managing agent immediately of any changes in your living arrangements. For example, if one tenant moves out and is being replaced by another person, there are procedures that need to be adhered to. In the event you need to ‘break your lease’ we will advise you of your legal responsibilities and offer assistance and guidance. Costs may apply.

Rental Payments - You will be given the choice of BPay, Internet banking/Funds Transfer, Direct Debit, Rental Rewards or Bank Cheque. These are the only approved forms of payment. Please note that we are a cashless office and do NOT accept cash over the counter. Your property manager is your point of contact for all matters relating to the tenancy. Should you require assistance in relation to your rights and obligations as a tenant, we are happy to provide you with contact details for the Residential Tenancies Authority.