First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers

First home owner grant

If you have never owned a home in Australia before, you may be eligible for the first home owner grant.

Each person who owns a part of the home must be an applicant. This includes anyone who is or will be on the title of the property with you. If you have a spouse who will not own any part of the home, you must include them on the application as a non-applicant spouse. All applicants must meet the eligibility criteria.

First home transfer concession - Stamp Duty 

If you have never owned a home before, you may be entitled to a ‘first home’ concession (which is greater than the home concession).

First home vacant land concession

f you have never owned a home before and you buy land on which you will build your first home, you may be entitled to a first home vacant land concession.

For details on First Home Owner Grants, which are administered by the Office of State Revenue - Click Here

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