How to advertise your home for sale using

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How to Advertise Your Home For Sale using and

Cost of and

Option 1: DIY

how much does it cost to advertise on –$600 - $800 for an 8 or 12 week ad
Option 2: Pay A Professional (REA) – depends on your suburb. In Palm Beach and Elanora it costs around $800 for a FEATURE listing to about $2,000 for a PREMIERE listing which runs for 45 days
Note: REA requires you to have a real estate license to list on their website, so you will need to use a real estate agency or marketing company to list your property. There are some marketing companies that sell you DIY marketing packages that include Domain and REA listings. These companies usually require you to pay for your entire marketing package upfront and if you don’t sell your property there are no refunds.
Option 2: Use a real estate agent

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Why is this article only about domain and

There are several other advertising portals like HomeSales and Squiiz, but REA and Domain are the leading portals in Australia. REA is the dominant portal in Queensland, while Domain is more popular in Victoria and New South Wales.

Why do advertising portals like charge what they do?

Because they can! Property advertising portals like Domain and REA are notoriously expensive because they are so popular. Together these two portals alone receive around 5 million visitors each month.

 With thousands of sellers clamouring to show off their property to this huge audience, the closer you want your property to be to the first page of search results, the more expensive your ad will be.
In fact, there are so many Gold Coast listings on REA that even if you buy their HIGHLIGHT listing  (their second most expensive advertising option), your home will still only end up on around page 5 or more as soon as you list it – dropping further and further away as more people add their home for sale. The only way to get on the front page is to get a PREMIERE Listing which costs around $2,000 for Palm Beach at the moment (this is the undiscounted rate. Real estate agencies like ours that sign a yearly contract with REA can get cheaper pricing, but it still costs us $1,300 for this listing type).

What will you get when you advertise on and

It depends on which portal you use and what advertising option you pick.
As discussed, a Premiere listing on REA will give you a 45 day advertisement on the portal (at which point you can extend your campaign for a discounted rate). Your home will be on the first page of search results when you list it, and will be pushed back to the first page of results every 15 days. With 53% of buyers not looking past the first page of search results, this is a good way to get maximum exposure.
According to REA’s own data, a PREMIERE listing will get you 5x more enquiries than a standard listings, and properties apparently sell 45% quicker too.
Click here to read more about all of REA’s advertising options.

How to market your home using property listing portals
On Domain, you can advertise your own property as a private advertiser (ie. without going to a real estate agent) for 8 weeks or 12 weeks. 
Depending on what advertising option you get and what portal you choose, you may be able to:
  • display a certain number of photos on your listing including a floorplan
  • display a 3d tour
  • list all your property features
  • list your desired price (or auction date)
  • list any pre-planned open homes you want to hold
  • list your contact details
  • your ad will appear on web and mobile apps automatically
Some portals also give you the opportunity to:
  • upload a video
  • create downloadable brochures
  • feature your property in an email alert
  • translate and list your property on international websites targeted to international investors.
Most portals include analytics so you can tell how many people have viewed your ad, downloaded a brochure or opened an email. You will also automatically receive an email anytime someone makes an enquiry on your property, so you can contact potential buyers directly and organize inspections.

Do you need a property listing portal like to advertise your home for sale?

10 or even 5 years ago you maybe still could have gotten away with just a newspaper ad to advertise the sale of your home. In this day and age though, that just doesn’t cut it.
According to REA, 86% of people use the internet as their primary method for looking for a house to buy which means if you’re serious selling about your home, you can’t afford to not be listed on at least one of the major advertising portals discussed in this article.
If you only do one thing to market your property, you can’t go wrong getting it listed on or REA is the dominant listing portal in Queensland, however Domain tends to be more popular in Sydney and Melbourne - so make sure you do you research before choosing which one you'd like to list your property on (or you could just do both if you have the budget for it).

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How to Advertise Your Home For Sale Using
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