2018 November Wrap - Presented by Dot Hamilton & Sonya Scott

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2018 November Wrap - Presented by Dot Hamilton & Sonya Scott 


We are talking to Sonya Scott (Property Management Team Leader) and Dot Hamilton (Property Management Director and Business Development Manager) from First National Palm Beach.
You seem to have had a really good result for Property Management in November?

Yes, emails and walk-in enquiry was up by a bit more than 15% on October– we dealt with 1275 enquiries for the month and we rented 26 homes.

Out of the 26 homes that we rented 14 were new managements that had come in during the month and that accounted for a lot of the increased enquiry.

How does November compare to October?

In October we dealt with 1100 enquiries for the month and we rented 19 homes which we thought was outstanding compared to the 15 or so we had been doing.

How many new managements did you absorb in October and November?

We absorbed 26 over the 2 months.

Do you think the high number of new managements affected performance by the Property Management Department?

We were still able to hold our one in four ratio of applications taken to applications accepted. At the end of the month our vacancy rate still stood at 0.94% of the rent roll and 97.37% of all rent was being received by the due date.

New managements are usually vacant when you get them so you are working from a standing start but we still managed 7.6 days of lost rent on average for the new ones.
Could you have rented more properties if you had them?

Yes, some of those applicants were very good, it is just unfortunate that you can only rent the property once.

Thanks Dot and Sonya, sounds like another great productive month at first National Palm Beach!

If you would like to find out more about Dot Hamilton, please click here to read her full profile.

by David Hamilton

2018 November Wrap - Presented by Dot Hamilton & Sonya Scott December
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