Selling Your Home In Winter

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Selling Your Home In Winter

If you’re looking to sell in winter, you can enjoy a few advantages. There’s less competition in winter because many sellers opt to put their homes on the market during the spring instead. This means that there may be fewer houses on the market, driving up demand amongst buyers. Your property may also stand out in the winter months as extra warm and cosy. It’s a good idea to chat to us to see how you can make the most of selling this winter.

Creating a warm and comforting environment is a key feature for the winter market. Here are some advantages to selling in winter and several tips to entice buyers to come in out of the cold.

Less Competition

Selling a house in winter is a divisive topic. There are going to be a great deal of sellers that take their home off the market over the course of winter, or simply postpone placing it up for sale until spring. As a result, sellers aren’t forced to compete with as many homes over the attention of buyers. The supply of homes for sale tends to drop at this time of the year, and sellers benefit immensely.


Motivated Buyers

The buyers’ market consists of a lot of people that weren’t able to find homes over summer and autumn. Perhaps even more importantly, they are growing impatient with their home search. The process of looking for a new home is exhaustive, and many of the people looking over winter are simply ready to make a move; they are tired of looking and want the path of least resistance. If you can offer them the deal they are looking for, there’s no reason you can’t use their motivation to your advantage.

So now you know you have the motivated buyers out in force, follow these tips to ensure your home looks as appealing as possible in the dreary winter weather.


Tip #1 Let in the Light

Pull up the blinds, open the shutters, push back the curtains on every window (unless the view or outdoor scenery is particularly undesirable). Turn on every light in the house, including appliance lights and closet lights. You can further brighten dark rooms with few windows by placing spotlights on the floor behind furniture.

Avoid cool fluorescent lights in favour of warm yellow lights, and have table and floor lamps to create multiple and warm light sources that create a cosy and inviting environment.


Tip #2 Turn Up the Heat

You want the temperature inside to be comfortable and to give the buyer more incentive to linger, especially on a cold day. So pump up that thermostat. It's better to heat the house a degree or two warmer than usual and then set the temperature at normal; this prevents the heat from kicking on when the buyer is present (some HVAC systems are loud). If you have a fireplace, light it up, but be sure to open the damper, place a screen in front of it, and don't leave it unattended for very long.

Tip #3 Use Winter Staging Tricks

Using a combination of textures such as large oversized rugs over concrete or hard floor surfaces, textured throws in chunky wool knits or mohair and alpaca, and woven baskets and light shades.

Snug pieces of relaxed-style furniture, such as oversized floor cushions, designer beanbags and ottomans, all add a cosy element.  Thick blankets can be used on couches and in the bedroom to create a cosy feeling, making buyers want to snuggle up in your home.  

A roaring fire can be a great asset in the winter, so you’ll want to use your fireplace during an inspection. Fire pits are also on the rise for the outdoor winter garden or courtyard.


Tip #4 Create a Mood

You want rooms to appear especially warm, cozy, and inviting. Make your living room romantic by placing two champagne glasses near a champagne bucket on the coffee table; toss afghans or throws across the arms of your sofa. Dress your dining room table for a dinner for two. In the bedroom, set a breakfast tray on the bed containing a coffee cup and saucer, napkin, and reading material. Turn your bathroom into a spa by hanging plush robes on the door, placing washcloths and towels in baskets, arranging a grouping of soaps, lotions, and shampoo. Evoke a sense of summer. Place vases filled with flowers around the house. Display photographs showcasing flower gardens and lush green lawns.

Please note: Many people are allergic to certain scents and deodorizers, so don't spray the air or plug-in air fresheners. Don't burn candles or spray perfume in the bedroom for the same reason. 


Tip #5 Turn On the Sound

Don't neglect the aural ambiance. Have soft music playing throughout; light jazz or classical music is always soothing. Don't turn on a commercial radio station; instead stream your tunes from a computer or tablet, using iTunes or a service like Spotify, so that your music will be continuous. Mute the ringers on telephones and answering machines.


Tip #6 Use Technology

Plug indoor lamps into a timer to automatically turn on at times you're showing the house. Consider using motion sensors that light up in the evening when a buyer approaches your doorstep. Program your crock-pot to warm up soup at a designated time or your oven to bake or reheat breads or cookies.


Tip #7 Prepare Your Entrance For Rainy Days

If it’s raining, pathways and lawns are going to be muddy, which means dealing with wet/muddy shoes and umbrellas! Do put a sign at the front door to request that visitors remove their shoes, particularly if you have carpet, to ensure that no wet and dirt is trudged throughout the house. Provide somewhere dry for them to leave their shoes and a container to hold wet umbrellas.

Although selling your house during the winter season can be a bit more complicated, if you follow these basic tips you can transform your house into a cosy oasis in any storm. We are experienced with selling properties in any season, and may have some additional tips that pertain to your specific situation, so please do not hesitate to contact us for advise on how you can make the most of selling this winter.


by Celine Battendier

Selling Your Home In Winter May 2020
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