Hand-Blown Glass Design | by SØKTAS | Made in Currumbin

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Hand-Blown Glass Design | by SØKTAS | Made in Currumbin

An integral part of a well designed home is a home with well designed lighting. You could have a more liveable, loveable space that could also saves you money in energy bills.

SØKTAS, a handblown glass lighting / designer lighting company has recently unveiled a new glass blowing studio in Currumbin located on the Southern Gold Coast region. Oliver Höglund and Ryan Roberts are the creative minds behind SØKTAS, and the company’s inception began in Norway where they met. They developed the knowledge of the best lamps, physics, optics, ergonomics and environmental issues which influence construction and design, allowing them to devise lighting plans that not only improve visibility but create hierarchies, dynamics and a mood within a space.

So think about how you plan to use each area of your Gold Coast home. It's important you communicate to SØKTAS which space will be used as for reading and which for enjoying a movie or entertaining, as these will require very different lighting methods. In addition, consider how you'd prefer to control the lights. Lighting technology today includes dimmers, sensors, photocells (that let lights react to the amount of daylight in a space), programmable scene controls (that let you program different settings for varied lighting) and whole-house lighting controls (that let you control all or a portion of your home's lights from one source), allowing you to tailor your lighting controls however you wish.
The skills and techniques learned by Oliver since 2001 have allowed him to master his craft and create his own signature style. Oliver’s father and grandfather worked at the renowned Kosta Boda Glassworks in Sweden, and the craft has been passed down through the generations. The process of hand-blowing glass is rigorous and intense, as the molten hot glass is shaped and blown by hand at around 1000° C by Oliver himself. While Oliver focuses on creating and designing the unique pieces, Ryan operates the business; however their brand remains a reflection of both their stories and visions.

PHOTO (from left to right): Oliver Höglund and Ryan Roberts

For more information, please visit their website or contact Ryan on 0423 909 055.


by Celine Battendier

Hand-Blown Glass Design | by SØKTAS | Made in Currumbin March
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