The Future of Real Estate Marketing Has Arrived

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The Future of Real Estate Marketing Has Arrived

First National Palm Beach & The Pines has just imported the latest Matterport 3-D Pro 2 3D camera.

The new camera has 4K photo quality with fully immersive 3-D and Virtual Reality Tours all within easy, cost-effective, reach of our clients.

Why is this so important? About 90% of buyers start their search for a property on the Internet. The days of buyers coming to an agent’s window with a notepad are becoming few and far between.

They have started their search on Wednesday or Thursday, they’ve made a short list of properties that are open for inspection that they want to look at on the weekend. There is nothing hit and miss about it, the more they can find out about the property before they go there the better.

We have been using the early version Matterport camera since the middle of 2016 so we have a lot of experience with how to use them and what they can achieve. Often one buyer comes here from out of town and finds a property and the other buyer isn’t in a position to look at the property. On many occasions the second buyer has decided to trust the partner, usually a husband or wife, and they make an offer based on a 3-D tour only.

We overhear buyers come through Opens and talk about features of the property that they’ve already seen on the tour.

Currently we have 196 live tours including sold properties. Out of that we’ve had 236,300 impressions and 54,400 visits. Not only that but according to people spend far more time looking at a property that has a tour or video compared to a set of photos.

Take some time to watch the Matterport produced. At First National we totally endorse everything they claim regarding the deeper buyer immersion in the process.

Below is a YouTube video you can watch: Your Agent & Matterport | Sell Your Home with True3D™

The internet is now the first place people will discover your home and having an engaging, comprehensive listing is more important than ever. Your agent has chosen Matterport, which uses innovative True3D™ to fully immerse users into your property.

About Matterport:
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Matterport is creating a True3D™ image of the physical world with its innovative, end-to-end platform for capturing, experiencing, and modifying digital copies of every real world places on Web, mobile devices, and VR headsets. The company uses its proprietary machine-vision and deep learning platforms to fuel ongoing product innovation. Matterport’s Cameras and Cloud Services make it quick and easy to turn real-world places into immersive virtual experiences.

If you are interested in checking out the quality 146 Townson Avenue, Palm Beach is one of the first produced on the new camera -

Statistics & Case Studies

According to
Online visitors spend 3x - 6x more time engaging with property listings that offer an immersive 3D experience. As a result, properties with virtual tours receive 49% more qualified leads.

According to REA Group:
Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call an agent when a properly they’ve seen on includes a virtual tour.



by David Hamilton

The Future of Real Estate Marketing Has Arrived July
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