5 Crowdfunding Campaigns That Will Make You Instantly Cool

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you are probably familiar with the weird and wonderful world of crowdfunding. As you are constantly reminded every time you login, crowdfunding websites like and exist as platforms for people to raise money for their projects and therefore they should not be treated online stores – although if they were online stores, they would be the most awesome online stores on the face of the earth! With everything from trend setting jewellery, experimental technology, Hollywood movies and just plain weird stuff, I regularly frequent the crowdfunding scene to see what I can get my hands on next. In this article, I've picked out 5 great products for you that you just won't be able to resist.
1. Fabula Organic Pencil
Fabula Organic PencilThe nature lover, gardener and hard core pragmatist will all love this award-winning pencil. Made from tea-leaves and left over coffee grounds from cafes and discarded petals from florists, these pencils are up-cycled to the extreme. But wait, there’s more! Instead of an eraser, the top of the pencil is filled with seeds to grow different kinds of berries and fruits with the idea being you plant your pencil in your garden when you’re finished with it. Starting at just $5 USD, I’ve already ordered mine!

2. Wristocat Levitating Wrist Support
WristocatDo you want comfortable, ergonomic support for your wrist while you use your computer or smart device AND make everyone at your office jealous? Then Wristocat is for you! For the reasonable price of $35 USD you can have your very own levitating wrist support, yes levitating wrist support, allowing you to “prowl effortlessly behind your mouse, keyboard and touchpad with your wrist always aligned, relaxed, and resting comfortably in a pateneted support cradle that flexes naturally to your every move”. Wow! They also come in two packs if you’re one of those people that start their Christmas shopping 6 months early like me :)
3. HOVR: Unconsciously Burn Calories at Work
I have to say I'm looking forward to receiving this little beauty in the mail. As the name suggests, HOVR provides you with a little platform for your feet under your desk so you can ‘burn calories while you work’ by swinging your feet around like you’re walking (or imitating a duck).
As a female that makes a living sitting at a desk all day, this product completely bypassed all the rational parts of my brain and appealed directly to the same part of my subconscious that forks out $60 for a bottle of some new fad diet pill and half-heartedly commits to celebrity exercise regimes the week before I realize Im going to need to fit into a dress again. I am totally hooked despite the steep price of $125 USD, but hey, if I get my 30mins worth of exercise in per day without having to stand up it will definitely be worth it! Rightt?
4. The Element Cube
The Element CubeHave you ever wondered how you could effortlessly strike up a conversation about the Periodic Table anytime, anywhere without sounding like a weirdo? Me neither, but if I did then I would’ve found yet another use for my beautiful Element Cube (it’s primary purpose at the moment is to sit on my coffee table at home and look drop dead gorgeous).

The Element Cube has been created out of 62 different elements including, but not limited to titanium, silver, gold and platinum. There is no way this sexy cube will not make you look both intelligent and super cool at the same time which is why I forked out $55GBP for mine. I know you’re jealous (which is why I bought it) mwahaha.
5. Nervana Headphones
Nervana HeadphonesThis product is either going to be the most amazing thing I own, or a very expensive disappointment. Either way I was hooked from the get go when I heard about a pair of headphones that send a signal through your vagus nerve to stimulate the pleasure centre of your brain while you’re listening to music. What does that mean? Essentially a pair of Nervana headphones will make listening to music a euphoric experience by gently encouraging your brain to flood your body with the feel-good chemical dopamine while you relax to your favourite tunes. Woah dude, that’s fully sick! If you want to be one of the first people in the world to try these bad boys out, there is still time to get yours for the low low price of $310 USD.
Think you've found some even cooler products? Leave your comment below! 5 Crowdfunding Campaigns That Will Make You Instantly Cool
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