Meaghan  Barnard

Meaghan Barnard

Marketing Associate to Rhys Wildermoth

I graduated from the Okanagan School of Business with honors in 2017 and received my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a major in Marketing.

Hi there! I’m Meaghan and I work alongside Rhys Wildermoth as a Marketing Associate here at First National Palm Beach. I’m a Canandian transplant and I’ve lived here on the Gold Coast on and off for about 5 years. I first came to Australia nearly ten years ago and immediately fell in love with the scenery and lifestyle we have here on the coast. After graduating with my business degree in marketing in Canada, I decided make the permanent move over to Australia.

I’ve always had an interest in real estate and when the opportunity came up to work with Rhys I was super excited to jump in head first into this industry. It’s been an incredible ride so far because you never know what the day will bring or what interesting person you’re going to meet next. My goal is to be able to bring a different perspective to the table and put a unique spin on our marketing campaigns.

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Q1. Which city where you born?
A1. Kelowna, British Columbia

Q2. What’s your favourite restaurant on the Gold Coast?
A2. Paddock Bakery since breakfast is the best meal of the day

Q3. Where was your last trip?
A3. Home (Canada)

Q4. What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
A4. Attempting to surf on my soft top board at Greenmount and trying new recipes in the kitchen

Q5. What’s the best part of your job?
A5. Getting a front row seat to all of the office pranks Rhys is subjected to.

Q6. Which movie made you cry?
A6. The Pursuit of Happiness

Q7. If you could win a ticket to see your favourite band/artist, what would this be?
A7. A Katy Perry concert is close to the top of my list right now

Q8. Which part of the Gold Coast do you love best?
A8. The headland at Miami/North Burleigh

Q9. Name 5 people (friends/family members/celebrities/etc) you’d invite to a dinner party?
A9. Ina Garten, Jerry Seinfield, Bethenny Frankel, Bobbi Brown, Martin Short

Q10. Tell us something unique/special about you?
A10. I’m Canadian, is that special enough?

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