Leonie Dugdale

Leonie Dugdale

Client Relationship Manager

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Q1. Which city where you born?
A1. Geelong Victoria

Q2. What’s your favourite restaurant on the Gold Coast?
A2. Thai Korner, Upper Coomera

Q3. Where was your last trip?
A3. Singapore

Q4. What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
A4. I love reading , gardening , being with family and friends

Q5. What’s the best part of your job?
A5. Working with people that have fun

Q6. Which movie made you cry?
A6. I'm not sure for there are a few

Q7. If you could win a ticket to see your favourite band/artist, what would this be?
A7. Pink

Q8. Which part of the Gold Coast do you love best?
A8. Currumbin

Q9. Name 5 people (friends/family members/celebrities/etc) you’d invite to a dinner party?
A9. Joanne, Julie, Richard Branson, Fran, Julia Bishop

Q10. Tell us something unique/special about you?
A10. I'm no special person I just love to be me and enjoy my life with family and friends

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