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Selling Your Home In Winter

Celine Battendier Celine Battendier
20 May 2020

If you're looking to sell in winter, you can enjoy a few advantages. There's less competition in winter because many sellers opt to put their homes on the market during the spring instead. This means that there may be fewer houses on the market...

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When will lockdown end in Queensland

Celine Battendier Celine Battendier
12 May 2020

On Friday 8th May, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the National Cabinet’s three step plan for coming out of lockdown over the next few months.  The strategy of the three step plan is to ease restrictions gradually, with each stage reviewed every three weeks to evaluate whether social distancing measure...

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Welcome to COVID-19 New Legislation

Dot Hamilton Dot Hamilton
29 April 2020

As you can imagine, the last month has been very stressful for all concerned in the Property Management space,  Landlords, Tenants and Property Managers alike.  Finally, we have some clarity around the new legislation moving forward, so we now need to take it all on board and work with it.​

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