3D Property Tours - What You Should Know

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There are alternatives to open homes amid Coronavirus outbreak

You do not have to have people trooping through your home – we can keep it at the seriously interested. 

As an alternative to in-person viewings, we are turning to tech and including 3D videos in our marketing to buyers and tenants.​

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has impacted Australia in ways both small (don’t touch your face) and large (cancellations of public events, disruptions to commutes, and so on). And for those residents who are interested in renting, selling, or buying a home, the new reality—in which social distancing and reducing your exposure to as many people as possible is the norm for the next 6 months—has made typical real estate searches a bit of a challenge.

So far real estate agents say they haven’t seen a drop in interest for open homes and other traditional ways of showing apartments, that could change as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases rises. 

The more people walking through your property the more likely you are to pick up an infection.

Lucky for us, First National Palm Beach, The Pines and Burleigh have been using 3D Virtual Reality (VR) technology for the past 4 years, which essentially places the consumer inside the property from anywhere in the world, providing the dynamic perspective usually reserved to the human eye when viewing rooms in person.


The old video tours are just slideshows of photos of the property with text. Until now the alternative was to shoot a professional video, which is something only used for the most expensive properties. These days with more than 60% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, first impressions count.

Buyers are provided with an immersive 3D walk-through of homes allowing them to navigate and explore using a regular browser, tablet or smart phone in the comfort of their own home or on the move. Consumers can zoom into individual rooms, “walk” from room to room, go up and down stairs, view the floor plans at different levels, or see the home in a unique 3D dollhouse view.

David Hamilton, principal of First National Palm Beach, The Pines and Burleigh talks about the benefits to their clients.  He said, “house hunting can be a gruelling, time-consuming process attending countless open for inspections. It is estimated that for every 20 properties viewed on the Internet buyers will physically inspect only six. Not only that, on the web, they will only engage with a typical listing for about 2 minutes before they reject or select it."


With 3D VR walk-throughs you can explore inside properties without stepping outside your front door. The 3D technology, allows you to get a deeper understanding of the layout, size and interior design of the home before planning your Inspection schedule. If you do like what you have seen, you can spend most of your time at the Inspection asking questions and checking out points of interest you spotted beforehand. After the Inspection you can revisit the property over and over and check out what you missed when you were there.

The 3D tours contain a measuring tool so you can check out whether your furniture and appliances will fit.

Australia’s largest listing portals, and have seen the value of 3D Tour technology and integrated it into both their desktop and mobile versions. Listings with 3D tours automatically displays a view 3D Tour image thumbnail allowing buyers to explore the 3D model directly from their sites. 

David Hamilton said interstate and even overseas investors who aren't at liberty to personally view properties they are interested in love them. “3D VR walk throughs are great for investors who live overseas or interstate, because they can inspect the property themselves instead of relying on one of their relatives or friends to take a video on a phone which may not give a good indication of the property."

According to David Hamilton, his First National offices have extended 3D tours to the rental market. “We are now adopting it for all rental listings with excellent results, this technology was made for the current environment.."


There are alternatives to open homes amid coronavirus outbreak March 2020
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