COVID-19 Wrap Up

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COVID-19 Wrap Up

If you are a landlord or a tenant, please take a couple of minutes to watch my COVID-19 wrap up video.

When it comes to leasing or renting properties, you will always be treated as our top priority!

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We handle property management services for our 3 offices (Palm Beach, The Pines & Burleigh) managing a large portfolio of properties in the heart of the Southern Gold Coast. ⁠ 

If you want to know what your rental investment is worth today, please contact me on 0412 455 808.


Good morning. Dot here from First National Palm Beach. I just wanted to give you all a quick rundown moving into June and July as to what's happening in the office with our team with Property Management. As you can imagine with COVID-19, it's been a very, very unique set of circumstances that we've all been working under. What we thought we would be doing in the next 18 months to two years as far as technology and working remotely, we've had to put into place very, very quickly, and it's all worked beautifully. The team have worked like a well oiled machine that I know they are, and it's just been absolutely wonderful and a joy to behold.

Moving forward, we're still going to keep our doors locked for another couple of weeks. I'm just not sure that it's just the right time to open the door completely. We've still got some parents in the office that have got school aged children. I am a bit immune compromised with my health, so I'm going to try and just keep that door closed. The office is open though, fully open, 100%. If anybody rings the office, emails the office, the Property Management Team are back on deck 100%. We're doing routine inspections again. All of the tenants have been very, very, very receptive of the fact that we are doing the routine inspections. So that's been really, really good news. And entry and exit condition reports, vacates, finals, everything is going along as normal.

The open houses have been a little bit quiet I think because people have tended to not move during the months of April and May. So, traditionally, we would be coming into a time where people have given us two, three weeks notice and they'd be moving. Haven't had a lot of that in the last month. So people are hunkering down, staying at home, and just staying where they are. I think that coming to the middle of June, I think that'll start to change, people will start to move around. Once our borders are open again, I think Palaszczuk's talking about the end of June, once those borders open again, I really do see a huge upsurge into new people moving into the state. I think you're going to find the property management market will really take off. So we will be looking for new properties to manage new properties, to put people into.

So, at the moment, I think May and June. May was very quiet and I think June is going to be a little bit the same. But I think coming into July, we're going to be very, very, very busy little beavers. So, again, the girls did an absolutely remarkable job. They are available on email anytime. As you can imagine, now that we're back in the office working full time, they're in and out doing routine inspections, maintenance, things like that. So they are very busy. So, if you do need to contact your property manager just jump on the email, send them an email, and ask them to give you a call. Again, 0412 455 808 is my number. Please feel free to call me anytime. Thanks for joining us.

by Dot Hamilton

COVID-19 Wrap Up June 2020
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