Real Estate Electrical Maintenance

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Real Estate Electrical Maintenance

Do you have an investment property/properties that we manage for you? At First National Palm Beach, The Pines & Burleigh, we provide real estate electrical maintenance to all our tenants and landlords.

While property management is a lucrative business, it does not come without the stress of ensuring your property is maintained and that electrical problems are addressed right away. What’s more, it can be difficult to find reliable and efficient contractors that you can trust to respond quickly.

So here, our residential and commercial electrical maintenance services range from repairing faulty power points to smoke alarms. Our highly trained technician, Danny Pagano, and his fully equipped van will come to you for all of your electrical needs.

If you are fed up with unreliable contractors and their slow response times, you can rest assured that Danny will respond quickly and efficiently. We strive to solve any urgent electrical problems as soon as possible to minimise the inconvenience for landlords, property managers, and tenants.
Below is a short Q&A with our Electrician, Danny Pagano.  Danny has been with us for approximately 27 years now!

Q.1 What are the most common electrical problems you see with our rental properties?

  • Repair power failure;

  • Repair ovens and cook tops;

  • Repair hot water system;

  • Renew lighting.

Q.2 What is the best part about being a sparky?

  • I love the interaction between the tenants, landlords and the property managers.

  • I get enjoyment from assessing and restoring power outage.

  • And I love being a problem solver!

Q.3 What is the strangest job request you’ve ever had?

Someone wanted me to fix an oven at 23:00 – I jokingly said "enjoy a salad for tonight".

Q.4 Random question, have you ever been shocked?

No because my job is to ensure that everything is isolated and voltage free.

Q.5 If you could share a top tip with a tenant/landlord, what would it be?

Ensure your safety switch is functioning by testing it monthly (by pressing the test button located on the switch board).

Bonus Tip - Don’t remove your battery from the smoke alarm to render it inactive.

All our handymen are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an electrical situation, please contact our office on (07) 5559 9600 or Danny (after hours) on 0419 790 786 and we will come to you ASAP!


by Celine Battendier

Real Estate Electrical Maintenance​ July 2020
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