Q & A with Shoredan Projects

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Q & A with Shoredan Projects

Q.  Tell us a little bit about Shoredan Projects and how you began?

A.  After spending many, many, many hours on the M1 going nowhere, my wife, Jane and myself set about hatching a plan to set up a business that would not involve us driving on the M1!! And being Currumbin Waters locals, that was important to us.  

With a passion for development, construction and delivering outcomes above expectations Shoredan Projects was established in 2016.  At Shoredan Projects our by-line says it all “from conception to perfection”. 
We are not only builders; we have a range of services we can offer from taking someone’s ideas and vision to attaining all approvals designs and delivering the completed project at the end.  Alternatively, we can take someone’s approved set of plans and build their dream home or development project.

Q. Your latest projects have stayed close to the ocean, are most of your projects on the Southern end of the Coast? 

A.  The vision of the company was a simple one “not to drive on the M1”. How we would achieve this was to become one of the best builders in Palm Beach, Tugun and the Currumbin Area.  So, three years and 14 Homes later, we have in our opinion one of the best construction teams around. We’re all local and understand our vision and how we need to achieve this “to be the best at what we do”. We actually joke amongst ourselves that we don’t have passports to go past these areas.  By focusing on our vision,our clients all win, as they get an outstanding finished product.

Q. Palm Beach has had an incredible amount of development in the last couple of years and you have completed some amazing work in the area, what other projects have you been working on in Palmy? 

A.  Yes, we are very proud of the projects we have completed.

Currently we are involved in a wide variety of projects; a couple of duplex projects, a beautiful dream home, a retro designed 4 bedroom Beach house, an architecturally designed renovation and finally we are completing a micro subdivision on one project and starting another micro subdivision for another client who then wants us to build two fantastic homes on the new Res A blocks.

Q.  How have your building projects changed over the last five years?

A.  As you would understand, often we run multiple projects at one time, we have focused on making this one of our strengths, let me explain:

  • While we have multiple projects running at once they are all at different stages of construction, this is planned.
  • By doing this, as each job progresses the trades involved change and as such for example, when the chippies are finished on a project, they have another one to go to. This ensures we keep the best people to carry out our projects.
  • I personally am not on the tools; my time is 100% project management and as such we are very well planned and have everything we need on site when we need it.
  • We also have a full-time construction manager who also is not on the tools, he covers all projects everyday dealing with the requirements of each site.
  • Points c & d above guarantee productivity and quality.
  • As a result of multiple projects, all our trades are always available and as such we can manage any situation very quickly and we don’t lose time.
  • Lastly, we have a fantastic software system that allows us to control our projects and more importantly our customers have access to this as well, so they can see what’s happing on site each and everyday.

Q. Your projects are quite diverse; however, the Hamptons aesthetic has really taken off on the Gold Coast, is this trend slowing down? 

A.  My opinion is that Hamptons will always be in fashion as they present so beautifully “Clean and Crisp”.

Q.  How do you see development growth progressing over the next few years? 

A.  My belief is that Palm Beach and the surrounding area is still in its infancy and is about 5 to 6 years behind Mermaid and Burleigh Heads in a development and value sense.

Q.  Have you got any tips for anyone just starting out a Reno or new build? 

A1.  Understand all costs associated with what you want to do at a high level before anything else.
A2.  Map out your plan for your vision because as the saying goes “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail”.
A3.  If you don’t know something, ask until you do.
A4. When selecting your team of consultants and builder make sure you ask for references and check them out.
A5. When comparing prices make sure you are comparing apples with apples.
A6.  And lastly communication is key!

Danny Glennon
Mobile: 0418 755 816
Instagram @shoredan_projects

by Rhys Wildermoth

Q & A with Shoredan Projects May 2019
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