Landlords Urged To Avoid Privately Renting

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Landlords Urged To Avoid Privately Renting

One Private Landlord Tells Why You Should Use a Professional Agent

I was recently approached by one of our sale agents to help with a problem they were having with a vendor who wished to sell the family home to tie up the mother's estate.  I arranged to meet with them and was horrified to hear the story but unfortunately, it is one I hear more frequently than I would like.
The vendor has sent me a letter which explains the situation and I am so glad it all turned out for the best in the end.
The message here is there are no friends in business, we need to treat each and every transaction with a clear head and take the emotion out of the situation,  Property managers are the conduit between all parties and can save you many thousands of dollars and unnecessary worry and stress.
If you find yourself in this situation, please do not be afraid to call a reputable manager and they will help you regain your sanity.  

Case Study

"My mother entered a nursing home in May 2015 and three months later my son asked if he and his girlfriend could live in her house. We agreed on rent based on what was needed to cover the cost of Mum's care and expenses, rates etc. The rent I asked was about 20% less than the going rate. I printed a lease agreement from the internet and listed the rent required and what I expected of them as tenants. Nothing much, maintaining the lawns and gardens, things like that. I thought a lease would protect me. We agreed on a one year term and my son reluctantly signed. I also warned them that Centrelink required the property be sold within two years of his grandmother leaving.
The girlfriend lasted a month but rent continued to be payed for about five months, not always on time and not the agreed amount.
I would visit the house from time to time to collect the mail and ask for rent. I became aware there were others living there and learned they were paying rent to my son although he claimed he couldn't pay me. He made alterations to the house without telling me and when I expressed my displeasure he said it was an improvement and in lieu of rent. I reminded him of the need to sell by May 2017 and that the front lawn needed to be neat and mown.
In November 2017, I urgently needed to sell the property as there was no rent coming in and Mum's costs weren't cheap. He owed over $60,000.00 in rent arrears. In saying this, my son became volatile, throwing a glass of beer at me. He became abusive and I felt threatened. In July 2018, I couldn't wait any longer and told him I was selling. In September, I gave him three week notice to vacate. In October, a real estate agent took a prospective buyer to view the house and met my abusive son.
As a result of my son's behaviour, both the agent and I were advised not to sell the property while a tenant was living there because I would be liable if my son refused to leave on settlement.
My son wouldn't leave voluntarily so I was forced to take action through QCAT. I was incredibly fortunate the real estate agency FIRST NATIONAL Palm Beach opted to help me through the process. Dot helped me with the forms, even hand delivering what needed to be to my son when I wouldn't go near him. I had someone to act for me who knew what forms to present and when and in what order. A Property Manager that I should have employed three years ago.
Before the tribunal, Dot was there to support me and guide me through the process. Even though the tribunal ruled in my favour it didn't end. We had the police serving the warrant of possession and when my son didn't leave by the due date the police had to evict him.
I could have avoided all this simply by using the services of a Property Manager. Someone who would have done regular property checks and ensured rent was paid on time.
When we entered the property, we found light fittings were pulled from the ceiling and power points ripped from the wall. There was water damage in a wardrobe and a linen cupboard.
Thirteen trailer loads of rubbish were removed from my mother's place and it took a cleaner eight hours of solid work to clean the interior before we could show the property.
I've learned not to trust family or friends whenever business is concerned. Always use professional help. That's what they are for. They know the rules. They know the law. So use a Property Manager. It's worth it."

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by Dot Hamilton

Landlords Urged To Avoid Privately Renting April 2019
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