Cancer Touches Everyone

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Cancer Touches Everyone

A late afternoon phone call to an landlord has restored my faith in human beings.  This landlord has had the same tenant for a very long time and his tenant was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The property manager plays sport with a few of her (tenant’s) family members and while catching up after their game, the conversation changed to a sad story.  The property manager is also as a cancer survivor and she knew the road that was being walked by this friend, is going to be long and costly, she wanted to help.  As soon as she got home, she sent a text message to all of the staff at Palm Beach for a donation to purchase a Coles Myer card to help out a little.
Over the 18 years this tenant has always paid rent on time and even continued to do so while having to pay for treatment.  We notified the landlord and he was very compassionate, he gave 2 weeks free rent without batting an eyelid along his best wishes and to let him know immediately if he needed to do anything else.
As you can imagine, she was overwhelmed by the gesture of kindness and there were lots of tears.  Our lovely tenant is well on the road to recovery and was very thankful for our help and could not believe that people would do this for her. ”It took the pressure of me for a least a few weeks so I could focus on my recovery to get back to work and my family, I am so grateful for the help from First National Palm Beach, Mr Edwards and Melinda Edhouse, she is a gem and I  don’t know where I would be without this gesture of kindness from all involved”.
As they say,  cancer touches each and everyone of us at some stage in our life, don’t be afraid to reach out and help where you can, it may just be a small gesture of a card, a home cooked meal, a $20 gift card or an offer to drive to treatment, it all helps and will alleviate the suffering of someone who needs it.


by Dot Hamilton

Cancer Touches Everyone May
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