The 7 Big Decor Trends of 2019, According to Interior Designers

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The 7 Big Decor Trends of 2019, According to Interior Designers

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Believe it or not, 2019 is just around the corner. Once the confetti is swept away and the new year officially commences, a slew of new home decor trends are sure to come right along with it. Rather than wait until the new year to start thinking about what styles will be in and which will be out, why not stay ahead of the curve and get a head start on your 2019 design upgrades right now?

We have it on good authority that a few trends you can be sure to see everywhere in six months time are already bubbling up among those in the know. Interior designers Ariel Okin and Emma Beryl both use their resources and experience to predict which styles are making an impact, and they already have a sense of what will be big next year.

1. Green accents

According to Okin, green will be an it colour of 2019. “Green is popping up everywhere at the moment,” she says. “It feels fresh and invigorating,” the designer says. She suggests incorporating the look in your space with accent pieces like emerald upholstered velvet pillows for an easy upgrade. “Velvet is also trending for 2019,” Okin says. Test out the living room trend in your home with a few small pieces.

2. Natural fibres

Okin swears that natural fibres like wicker, rattan, jute, and sisal — which have already grown in popularity this year — are here to stay. “They are timeless classics and really elevate a room in an elegant way,” she says. You can easily get in on this trend by sourcing natural furnishings, rugs, and even light fixtures, but Okin’s favorite iteration of the look is a woven seagrass rug layered with a colourful dhurrie piece on top.

3. Vintage gems

Beryl predicts vintage items, ethically sourced pieces, and sustainable materials will only gain popularity over the next six months. “With a growing emphasis on global warming and climate change, it’s only natural that these concepts are having a — hopefully long-lasting — moment in the design world,” she says.

4. Plaster pieces

Okin makes a case for plaster decor to take over as one of the invigorating styles of 2019. “From Milo Baughman style coffee tables to white plaster lighting by the likes of Julie Neill and Stephen Antonson, plaster is definitely having its moment,” she says. The designer suggests using the unique finish in the form of sconces or a chandelier. “The contrast between the simplicity of the material and the elegance of the shapes is what makes it so striking,” she says.

5. Statement art

“Your design should always be a little bit bold,” says Beryl. In 2019, she suggests forgoing the overdone gallery wall and opting to decorate your large blank walls with oversized statement art instead. consider this a living room trend to watch. The look is about to have a “huge moment,” she says. It will likely be a bit of an investment, but a large scale work of art will add interest to any space in your home in a way that’s undeniably fresh.

6. Chintz textiles

Okin predicts English country style will be a trend to watch in 2019, and it’s something that’s already been bubbling up this year with the rise of kitschy retro styles. “Chintz is back in a big way,” she says. “Everyone is upholstering everything from lampshades to custom quilts to walls in large and small-scale prints,” the designer says. Start small with a patterned throw pillow or commit to something larger like an accent chair if you’re looking to get in on the trend. According to Okin, the floral patterns will stand the test of time.

7. Mixed woods

“People often believe that it’s a design faux-pas to mix woods and although there is a fine line here, it can and should be done,” Beryl says. She predicts that decorating with woods that don’t necessarily match but do complement one another will be a popular trend in the new year. “This can be a tricky one to pull off but by being conscious of the undertones and grains to retain the overall mood of your space layering different wood varieties will make your space seem well thought out and layered,” the designer says.

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The 7 Big Decor Trends of 2019, According to Interior Designers December 2018
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