How to Market Your Home with a 3D Virtual Tour

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How to Market Your Home with a 3D Virtual Tour

Cost of a 3D Tour 

How to market your home with a 3D TourOption 1: DIY
$4,000 to buy the camera second hand
+ an iPad or other tablet to use the software
+ tripod to mount the camera
+ hosting costs
Option 2: Pay a professional
$300 - $600
Free (sorry for the shameless plug, but if you list your home for sale with us we’ll do a 3D virtual tour for you for free.)

Option 3: Use a real estate agent

What do 3D Tours cost what they do?

Making a 3D property tour requires specialised equipment. You can’t make a 3D tour by walking around the property with just any camera. Most companies that create 3D virtual tours use the Matterport 3D camera, which costs around $4,000 -  plus ongoing monthly costs charged to the technician for processing and hosting the videos.

The camera works by sitting on a tripod in a room and spinning 360 degrees several times to take a photo of the area surrounding it. The camera is then moved a few metres away where it spins again. The technician will end up moving the camera several times through the house and each of the rooms; making sure to mark windows and mirrors in any of the rooms which can confuse the camera and distort the images, and ensuring no people or pets walk through the area when the camera is in operation. All of these photos are then 'stitched together' to create the virtual tour.
This process of using the camera to make the 3D tour takes up a fair chunk of time (trust me, I’ve done it. That's me in the video below!). A standard 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, single storey house usually takes 1 – 1.5 hours of the technician’s time, which also contributes to the price you'll be charged if you pay someone to do it.


What will you get with a 3D Tour?

When completed, your technician will send you a link to the 3D tour video which you can then post online along with the photos of your property. A buyer can view a 3D tour on their desktop, phone or tablet any time of the day or night, where they can easily 'walk' through the property at their leisure.
Click here for an example of a 3D tour.
If you plan on creating a 3D virtual tour yourself, apart from acquiring all the equipment you will need to learn how to use the camera and the editing program which runs on a tablet; so you may end up doing your tour twice just to get the hang of it.

Do you need a 3D Property Tour video to sell your home?

Because of how useful and valuable 3D tours are to buyers, they are becoming more and more common in the real estate industry.
I have no hesitation in recommending getting one if you can. A 3D virtual tour allows buyers to view your house anywhere, anytime. They are especially useful for interstate and international buyers – at First National we have sold several properties to people who have not set foot in the property and bought it based solely on the 3D virtual tour. Or, they have seen the virtual tour and asked a friend to attend the open at which point the friend has said “It’s just like in the tour!”.
Other buyers have commented that they have taken the 3D virtual tour 3 – 10 times (and more!) before making an offer. Buyers have also expressed to us that they value the ability to share the tour with friends and family members, making the process of buying the property a more social experience for them.

At First National we value 3D tours so much we usually offer them to our clients for free. Click here for more information on 3D tours.

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How to Market Your Home with a 3D Virtual Tour
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