How to Market Your Home for Sale with Video

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How to market your home for sale using video

Cost of Using Video to Advertise Your Home For Sale 

How to market your home for sale using videoOption 1: DIY for Free
+ Cost of camera and equipment
+ Cost of editing program
+ Cost of any apps you may use (up to $50)
+ 2 hours to shoot and edit yourself (at least)
Option 2: Pay A Professional
- $150 - $500 is the standard cost per marketing video
You may also pay for extras like:
- Drone video - $300 - $500

Option 3: Use a Real Estate Agent
Why do filmmakers charge what they do?
There is a lot involved in getting a film shoot correct - even a property marketing video (which are relatively short videos), can still take an hour or so to shoot. Wind can play havoc with microphones; lawnmowers, barking dogs and road noise can interrupt the shoot; even the sun can cast awkward shadows; not to mention rain which is of course a big no-no near expensive film equipment.
If you manage to organize your shoot on a nice, quiet sunny day you will still need good lighting inside your house which a professional will be able to do using the equipment they bring with them. After all of that, the film needs to be edited (which can be tedious and time consuming and is worth the cost of paying a professional to do all in itself) and takes another hour or two of the filmmaker’s time. Like with photography, the editing process requires skill and knowledge of specialised editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
What will you get from a professional filmmaker?
At the moment there seems to be 2 main types of property marketing videos floating around the internet. The first is the ‘slideshow’ type of video, which essentially is just an animated series of the property’s photos that may also have a voice over, background song and/or captions describing the property. These videos are good for social media, and are usually fairly short – around 30 seconds long. Check out the example below:
The second type of video has actual footage of the property (not just an animated set of photos in a slideshow) and is more like a video of an open home. The real estate agent may be filmed walking through the property, or they may just film the property and then provide a voiceover for the rest of the film. These videos might also include other footage, like video of a drone flyerover, or footage that shows of the features of the surrounding area and suburb. Watch an example here.

These videos are usually longer, 1-2 minutes or so, and are commonly used for properties with serious wow factor, like waterfront properties, mansions, acreage etc. That’s not to say you can’t do it for any home, but with the amount of time and money they cost, videos are still mostly reserved for properties with bigger price tags.
Do you need a property video to sell your home?
There is not doubt video is dominating the internet. Facebook estimates people consume 100 million hours of video around the world every day, and 75% of all internet use in 2017 is estimated to be users looking for and watching video. As such, more and more real estate agencies have started using property videos, particularly on social media platforms like Facebook, to increase reach and interest in their listings.
But do you really need to do a property marketing video?
It’s up to you. If you were buying a home would you watch a video about the property? Do you think the people that would like to buy your home would want to watch a video of your property? If the answer is yes, then it could be a great addition to your marketing plan.
You can knock together a good looking ‘slideshow’ type video in around 15 – 30 minutes with an app like RIPL (which is around $15 per month). If you want even more features, I recommend Animoto (around $50 per month). We use Animoto here at First National Palm Beach because it also has a desktop version, which is great if you don’t like using apps on your phone. It is pretty straightforward to use and comes with loads of video templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.
If you’re really keen, a bit tech savvy and want to save some money, you can also shoot a video yourself and use one of the hundreds of video editing apps available in the App Store of Play Store to edit it.

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How to Market Your Home for Sale Using Video
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