Wills and Property: Selling in Unexpected Circumstances

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Wills and PropertyAs we go through life, traumatic events can happen. When a loved one passes away, all those complications can suddenly bubble to the surface. Consequences for decisions made many years before are suddenly exposed. Navigating through the choppy waters can be tough. 

The aftermath of a loved one passing away is made that much easier if important conversations and the sharing of information and intentions are made clear beforehand. 
As people mature, it is prudent to discuss with family members the nature of their assets. Usually, by the time parents are in their later years, children have a fair idea of what the assets are because they may have helped  their parents over the years. They may have taken them to banks. They may have taken them to solicitors. 

One would hope that parents haven’t been too secretive as to their company shareholdings or their bank accounts because it can be difficult to identify assets after death. 

Property law specialist lawyer, Allan Farrar has been working in this field for over forty years providing expert advice and guidance. In this eBook, he shares critical knowledge that can help families and agents navigate the difficult legal and property waters.



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