Renting? Who Is Responsible For Keeping Your Swimming Pool Safe?

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Renting? Who Is Responsible For Keeping Your Swimming Pool Safe?We are coming into the warmer months now and swimming pools are starting to look like great weekend fun again, but we also have to remember that both pools and spas can be dangerous as we saw last week with the drowning deaths of two young girls in Logan.
It is very important if you are an owner-occupier or landlord to ensure that your pool fencing is compliant with the current state government legislations and that the pool is kept clean. Landlords in particular must hold a current Pool Safety Certificate BEFORE renting their property out. We at First National Palm Beach, The Pines & Burleigh hold Pool Safety Certificates for all of the pools in our rental department so when they come up to renewal they are done on time. If you want to check if your own pool has a current Pool Safety certificate please go to
Just remember, pools that aren’t registered can incur a fine of up to $2200. 

It’s not just landlords and owner-occupiers that this information is important for, - tenants also have a responsibility when it comes to pools complying. If you’re a tenant “you’re responsible for ensuring that the pool gate is closed and removing any objects (such as furniture) that would allow children access”. For more information on your rights please go to   
Keeping your pool or spa clean over the year is also very important for health purposes, especially during Spring and Summer when it is likely to be used more frequently. The RTA states the following about pool maintenance responsibilities:

“If a swimming pool is included as part of the rental property, the maintenance should be covered in the special terms of the tenancy agreement. The tenant is generally responsible for everyday maintenance such as clearing leaves from the pool and may be responsible for more regular maintenance. This should be discussed prior to signing the agreement. It is recommended that the property manager/owner provide instructions for any maintenance the tenant is required to carry out”

To read the full article, go to

Tips to clean your pool: 
-          Get a skimming net and take all the leaves, twigs and bugs off the top of the water. You can also use the skimming net to remove heavier items that have sunk to the bottom.
-          Empty the strainer basket at least once a week and speak to your local pool company as to how often to set your filter to “backwash” to stop a backlog of debris.
-          Try to keep the pH levels consistent. If your pool or spa is too acidic or alkaline it is not safe to swim in and could cause damage to your pool filter and cleaning equipment. You can purchase pH strips from your local pool shop and you can test regularly.
-          Keeping the chlorine up is also important to keep bacteria at bay and keeping the pool level above the skimmer box.

Most importantly, once you have checked all of the above, jump in and ENJOY!
  Renting? Who Is Responsible For Keeping Your Swimming Pool Safe?
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