PODCAST: Gold Coast Property Market Outlook – 2015

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Radio Host: Alright Goodmorning Dot.
Dot Hamilton: Goodmorning Moira how are you?
Radio Host: Very well thank-you. Now we’re going to do a little bit of an overview of the Gold Coast market and also where we’re heading. How we’re looking and where we’re heading. So we need your help Dot.
Dot: Ok. So there’s been a lot of talk about the property market softening. Well I’d like to know where those people live because they don’t live on the Gold Coast!
Radio Host: OK
Dot: Our market is absolutely fabulous. There’s great demand from the southern states because rentals have continued to climb here in the last ten years so our investment market is going really really well.
We’ve got a property that we rented five years ago that we’ve got down in Currumbin. We were getting $290 a week for it, we’re now getting $410.
Radio Host: Ok
Dot: So, you know, investment is working really well. We’re known for our big ticket items up here on the Gold Coast. I mean you ask anybody and they say “Oh you know the houses up there are amazing”. We do. We’ve got 19 homes on the Gold Coast listed at over 10 million dollars listed for sale.
Radio Host: Wow.
Dot: But, there’s also 700 homes, $400,000 and under.
Radio Host: Well that’s good too.
Dot: There you go. I look at Upper Coomera I mean they’re fast running out of land in Upper Coomera is really…I drove through Coomera the other day and I cant believe how amazing that is.
Radio Host: Oh yeah, Ormeau as well. Everything.
Dot: You just drive around the coast and as someone who’s lived here for 28 years you know you used to be able to drive from the Gold Coast all the way through to Brisbane and there would be Dreamworld and that was it. Now you dive through and there’s just estates everywhere, it’s just fabulous.
Radio Host: What are they thinking for the future?
Dot: Looking at all the newspaper reports and the magazine reports, the Gold Coast is only going to grow and grow bigger. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of land in our central area, in our CBD area, there’s not a lot of land. So what we’re going to see is a lot of redevelopment. We’re seeing a lot of that down on the Southern corridor at the moment. Another thing we’re seeing with people moving  here and moving house is catchment areas for schools is becoming a very very big issue with people. So with the Kaplan and with the websites now monitoring the schooling, what we’re seeing is people coming in and saying “well we need to be in the catchment for this particular school. Our children are 3, 5 and 7 but we need to be in the catchment for this school so this is where we need to be in the next two years”. And that’s been a bit surprising for us in the last couple of years; that’s never really happened before especially on the Southern Gold Coast. Perhaps on the Northern Gold Coast it’s been a bit more prevalent. But that’s very much a Sydney / Melbourne thing that happens whereas on the Gold Coast it’s now actually starting to become very prevalent.
Radio Host: It’s testament though to the quality of our schools.
Dot: That’s exactly right. So I think if you’re looking at moving to the Gold Coast or buying anywhere on the Gold Coast, look at where all the infrastructure is happening, I mean you’ve only got to look around at all the cranes. Which is always a really good sign of how our economy is going, just look in the sky and see all the cranes around which is always good.
Lot’s of statistics on the MyGC website in regards to what the market has been doing and what the market is going to do which is very interesting. Also don’t forget our marquees, we always have our marquees. We’ve always got all the footy seasons, we’ve got lots of basketball happening at the moment so we’ve got our marquees available. We’re more than happy to help at anytime.
Radio Host: Wonderful Dot, thank-you very much. Gold Coast Property Market Outlook – 2015
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