Maintaining & Preparing Your Home For Profit

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In life and real estate it is often said that your principal place of residence is possibly your biggest asset. As a passionate industry professional I find this true for so many people in the community whom get the chance to represent.
With this in mind it is important that as a property owner you do all you can to maintain the property throughout its lifetime to protect and grow your asset, so at the time of eventual sale you receive the best possible cash profit from your investment.
Maintaining and preparing your home for profit is a successful strategy for everyone involved. Often incoming purchasers are stretched to their limit and would not qualify for a renovation loan. This is the reason why people will pay more for a finished, neat and well-maintained property.
If you do the work for a potential buyer and your property is clean,
  • crisp, complete and:
  • is well maintained and freshly painted;
  • has manicured lawns and the gutters and downpipes are free from rust and holes;
  • has eaves that are spotless and fresh;
This could have a significant impact at sales time. You could earn more than $60,000 to $100,000 over reserve. The magic happens when you take the hard work out of the equation. Everyone is so busy, potential buyers are prepared to pay for somebody else’s sweat and effort.
Ensure maximum profits from your property sale by downloading our handy guide to Maintaining and Preparing Your Home For Profit.

Maintaining & Preparing Your Home For Profit
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