101 Tips For Presenting Your Home To The Market

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Selling your property? These 101 tips could be the difference between your house being sold or not, or you reaching your desired sale price. 

Take a sneak peek now! Our first two tips are:
  1. No clutter or odours. Your property must be kept clean and clutter-free. Clear and tidy all surfaces. If the property looks clean and smells fresh, prospective buyers will form a positive opinion of your home
  2. Whether it’s an Open House or a private inspection, it is imperative that you are not there. Buyers find it hard to feel comfortable and picture themselves living in the property if the current owners are present. The prospective buyer is unlikely to voice their true opinion of the property and will often rush through the inspection. Needless to say, it makes selling your home difficult. So go shopping for an hour or visit a friend. Let the agent do their job!
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101 Tips For Presenting Your Home To The Market
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