6 Marketing Methods to Sell Your Home

6 Marketing Methods to Sell Your Home

If you’re looking at selling your home, then you are about to read some of the most important information you should know before deciding when, where, how and who (or who not) to sell you home with.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home privately, or you just want to be more informed before interviewing your local real estate agent about their marketing plan for your home; you are in the right place to find out about the 6 most important marketing methods to sell your home.



This blog series is made up of 6 articles covering all aspects of excellent property marketing including:
Marketing your home with 3d tours 
 How to market your home on realestate.com.au

 Marketing your home with photorgaphy

Marketing your home with video

  Marketing your home for sale using video, slideshow apps, drone footage and virtual furniture
 Marketing your home on Facebook

 How to market your home with print marketing
  Marketing your home using print media like newspapers and flyers

Each article will go through:
  • Approximate cost of each marketing activity
  • Why it costs so much
  • What you get for your money
  • If you really need it to sell your home
PLUS the final article provides a table with a summary of approximate marketing costs for a comrephensive marketing plan

I tried to keep it brief, but also detailed enough for it to be useful and interesting to read, so most of the articles should take the average reader around 1 – 2 minutes to read. If you have questions or I missed something, head to our Facebook page and let me know.

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How much does it cost to market your home for sale?

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